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Check out the fantasy/futuristic triology from New Concepts Publishing including Love's Captive, Heart of the Dragon and the forthcoming third title.

Love's Captive


When Serena awakes, after a close and unpleasant encounter with some sort of stun gun, she very quickly learns that resistance is futile and escape only a yearned for dream. She, and the other Earth women Serena meets aboard ship with her, have been captured by the Moyds, interstellar merchants ….

“A delightful and sexy space romp will leave you feeling that love really does conquer all..."
-- Charlene Smith --

Heart of the Dragon

Sequel to Love's Captive

Eric, a Green Beret, is about to die from being held prisoner by jungle guerillas when he is whisked away by the Moyds. Their intention had been to find out if Olga's brother was alive or dead, but upon discovering him near death, beam him aboard the space ship for treatment...

"It's non-stop adventure and humour..."
-- Tracey West --

Check out theses paranormal romance from New Concepts Publishing...



To some, shifting is a gift—to others it is a curse they are born to….In SHIFTERS, journey to worlds filled with wondrous possibilities…and sometimes terrifying realities….

Shifters has been retired from NCP. This was sad news to Myra who feels her story "Demon Killer" was her best writing to date. But, fortuantaly for readers you can still purchase the print book from See buying information on the Shifters page.

"Paranormal Anthology Fans of paranormal romances will be greatly pleased with this collection of four unique novellas from four talented authors. Who knew shape-shifters could be so diverse?"
-- Jane Bowers --

A Vampire's Kiss

River of Dreams: A VAMPRE'S KISS

Violet travels to the Amazon to appeal to a legendary River Goddess to fulfill a lifelong fantasy - to be bitten and made love to by a vampire. After returning home she questions her sanity in believing this myth. Violet is more than pleased when she is caught in a deeply erotic dream sequence with a handsome vampire...

"This is one hot, sexy vampire romance! It's a must read for any paranormal lover!...."
-- BJ Deese --

To Tame a Werewolf

River of Dreams: TO TAME A WEREWOLF

Angela has long fantasized about werewolves, titillated by dreams of hot, steamy nights and savage caresses. And yet she’s certain this fantasy is one that will never be fulfilled, particularly when she is stranded at an isolated cabin by a blizzard with the handsome, deliciously appealing, but infinitely refined professor, Connor...

"This story will make you want more. More Connor, more Angela..."
-- Scarlet, Realms of Love --

To Tame a Werewolf

River of Dreams: PIRATE'S WENCH

William is captivated by Sarah's beauty from the moment he discovers her aboard a ship he has pirated. Her joy and expertise in sex thrills his body, while her sweet personality wins his heart.

He knows though, that Sarah holds some secret from him. William has his own secret and waits patiently for her to open up. As time passes he falls in love with the lovely mystery woman and plans to ask her hand in marriage. But will Sarah agree to marry a pirate?

All Sarah wanted was a few exciting days with a real pirate. A ridiculous idea for a modern woman. Not so, when the River Goddess grants her wish. Sarah finds that Captain William Drake is a handsome rascal with fighting skills that set her heart racing, while his sensual abilities set her blood aflame.

Sarah is kidnapped by the savage Captain Stewart, who revels in rape and brutality. When William rescues her after a deadly battle with her abductor, Sarah starts falling in love with him. Now she wonders when the adventure is over, can she live without the handsome Captain?


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