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Heart of the Dragon
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Sequel to Love's Captive by Myra Nour
Available to order from New Concepts Publishing


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-- Reviews for Heart of the Dragon --

"After being held captive by guerrillas on his last mission, Eric, a Green Beret from Earth visits the planet Volarn to see his sister. Volarn's cultures and society are different from that of which Eric is used to but he is especially glad to be there when he meets Volarn warrior princess, Kasha. Eric falls instantly in love with her and will go to any lengths to show her that his is a warrior worthy of her love and trust.

Even though Eric has proved his worth, Kasha still fights her feelings for him and because she is a Volarn princess, she and Eric can never marry? Then when tragedy strikes in a neighbouring village, Eric and Kasha travel together to track down the danger to the village. Along the way they experience unbelievable scares, discover a baby dragon, get to know each other better and find joy, love and friendship in each other.

Will Eric ever prove his love to Kasha? Will Kasha finally see what is right in front of her before it is too late?

This adventure to love and happiness is a wondrous and magical journey. Myra Nour pens a delightful and enchanting tale of love, danger, desire and loyalty with mythical creatures, believable characters and imagination.

Eric is a warrior with a unique and loving heart, strength and kindness. He has a way with children, women and definitely with animals! They are all drawn to him and ultimately fall in love with him. Kasha, the warrior princess who captures Eric’s heart and comes across as so strong, is a heroine who wants a man that will keep her on her toes and challenges her constantly. She is stubborn, she is caring and dull she is NOT! I enjoyed her verbal sparing with Eric and her cousin Jarvic, her loyalty to Volarn, the people and beneath the surface she is a sensitive and sometimes an insecure woman.

Ms. Nour's depictions of Volarn are so believable that I could see every tree, every bush, the castle, the hills and animals and felt like I was standing right beside the characters feeling every emotion that they felt. Ms. Nour draws reader in , makes them believe in love at first sight, dragons and heart-stopping romance.

If you are looking for a romance with steamy love scenes, intriguing science fiction, adventure and a look into the future, Myra Nour delivers it from start to finish! She is an author whose words will mesmerize you.

It's non-stop adventure and humour [baby dragon PUFF will delight you with his shenanigans!], Volarn and the characters will stay with you long after the last page is read."

-- Tracey West --
The Road to Romance

"...I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the basaim and the humorous antics of an overlarge 'pet' in the castle. HEART OF THE DRAGON has adventure, sexual tension and love in a fast moving story..."

-- Cy Korte --
PRN Reviews


"The humor in HEART OF THE DRAGON is always right on time. Whether it is the teasing between Kasha and Eric, or when Kasha decides to try and seduce Eric, it is great. Kasha will endear herself to readers. Her stubbornness is not without reason, and created a strong sense of sadness with me as I read the book. I was thoroughly impressed with Eric. He is "the" hero to love. He is a tremendously compassionate person. He loves animals and children. He excels in martial arts, and is a former member of an elite fighting force. In HEART OF THE DRAGON, Eric's skills with animals - from Belle, the konkol, to Sheila the yasmir, and Puff, the basami, or baby dragon - really shine.

HEART OF THE DRAGON takes us on a wonderful journey of adventure, passion and discovery. Ms. Nour has created a world that is very exciting. The sights, sounds and smells seem so real. The various creatures on the planet Volarn are a lot of fun. There are also strong supporting characters in this book that added to my enjoyment."

-- Robin Taylor --
The Library Review.

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Sequel to Love's Captive by Myra Nour
Available to order from New Concepts Publishing


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