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Heart of the Dragon
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Sequel to Love's Captive by Myra Nour
Available to order from New Concepts Publishing


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As Eric kicked the pants to the side, he couldn’t help notice how sultry Kasha’s face became. How she examined him as if he were fine horseflesh up for auction. Before his body could betray his reaction to this new sensual princess, he quickly waded waist deep into the refreshing pool.

Splashing the delicious feeling water onto his shoulders, he watched in delight and wonder as Kasha swam around him, purposely sending sprays of water to his front side from her kicking feet. Who was this mystery woman? Woman-child with a sexuality heretofore unseen and unknown?

Jarvic had told him the princess was different within the confines of the hidden pool, but this he hadn’t expected. Before stepping into the pool, she’d been funny and relaxed. While eating, she’d been an entertaining conversationalist, now she exuded an animalistic sensuality he found hard to ignore.

Eric became convinced Kasha was up to something and the objective of her actions perturbed him greatly. His dream for weeks had been to see the princess responding in such a manner, to allow him to wrap his arms about her and kiss her silly with passion.

She wanted him at her mercy. Wanted him panting with desire so strong he couldn’t resist her offer of becoming her lover. The feeling of impending doom which overhung his head, was almost as strong as when he’d been dying in the guerrillas’ camp. Clenching his biceps beneath the watery cover, Eric determined the princess would not shake his resolve.

“Come on,” she splashed his face. “Haven’t you ever played in the water?”

Seeing a temporary reprieve from his problem, Eric picked her up quickly, unexpectedly, and then dumped her several feet away just as swiftly. He didn’t give her a chance, grabbing her again when she reappeared, sputtering and pushing heavy strands of hair from her face. Up she went again. Bunching his muscles, he threw her a good ten feet, close to the pool’s end.

“Ow,” she staggered upward, rubbing her bottom. “Hey,” she threw her hands up in a defensive block as he moved closer. “You made me hit bottom that time.”

“Yep, I noticed,” he purposely stared at her hips.

“Very funny.” She threw him a sour look.

“I thought you wanted to play?” He smirked.

“I do, but maybe we can try something else.”

“How about you throwing me around?”

“Oh, right, that’d really work.” Kasha laughed. She ran one hand through her wet locks and chewed her lower lip.

“Got it,” Eric snapped his fingers. “My favorite water game as a kid, Marco Polo.”

“Marco ... what?”

He explained quickly, glad for the princess’ quick agreement. What harm could there be in a simple child’s game? He volunteered to be “it,” exaggerating a lumbering monster-walk through the liquid, following her eruptions of giggling laughter.

She was quick as an eel and it took him a few minutes to finally pin her against the rocks near the waterfall. Eric’s hands bumped against firm breasts before falling away quickly. Kasha’s lovely face was but a few feet away when he opened his eyes, her body bent backward over the large rock behind her.

He couldn’t help the swift perusal of her sleek figure, the black dress molded firmly to her flesh. Sucking in his breath, he closed his eyes, then reopened them, looking only at her face. “Now you’re it.”

He watched as the princess gave him a dissatisfied frown, then complied by closing her eyes. He plunged quickly to the other side.

He had to admit she was good at this game. She followed the sound of his movements swiftly and unerringly, giving him bare seconds to escape each near capture. With inspiration, he plunged beneath the surface and reappeared quietly behind the waterfall’s cheerful, noisy veil.

Eric called out “Marco Polo” and quickly dove beneath the waterfall, intending to bypass the princess as she turned his way. His resurface maneuver brought him face to face with a giggling Kasha, who gripped one arm before he could duck away. Her eyes were still closed, a pleased expression riding her lush lips, as her other hand explored the rigid planes of his chest.

“You caught me, okay.” His stomach clenched when her hands wandered over his flesh.

“I had to be sure it was you.” She opened those lovely eyes and slanted them upward, her expression languid. They reminded him of a satisfied cat, especially with those lovely feline eyes of hers.

“Like there’s any other man here?” He couldn’t keep the laughter from his voice or seem to control the tightening of his chest muscles when her hand continued to caress gently in circular strokes. He took a tentative step back, but she still had a tight clutch on his arm.

“I had to be sure this was the same Earth man who has pursued me so diligently.” Her brilliant violet orbs challenged him, made him rock hard.

“What’s the matter, you don’t like me anymore?” She purposely made her voice drip sadness while her lips quirked in a mischievous smile.

“You know I do.” His frustration, both emotional and physical erupted in his rough-edged tone.

She abruptly loosed her grip and stepped back into the waterfall’s edge. Sprinkling drops of water bounced off her body, drawing his eyes unwillingly to different parts of her anatomy. The iridescent drops sparkled and then crept in slow motion down her satiny skin.

“Don’t you think I’m attractive anymore?” Kasha raised both arms gracefully, smoothed her wet hair into an attractive fall behind her and slowly lowered her arms.

He didn’t know if she planned it, though he couldn’t fathom how, but one strap of her dress slipped down her upper arm, baring too much of one lovely breast. The brilliant sun shimmered off her water-kissed skin, the diamond drops trailing in agonizingly slow paths down the sleek curves of her luscious breasts. The edge of one dark pink aureole called to him as strongly as a siren’s alluring song.


Her question gave him a brief reprieve when he dragged his eyes from her chest to her wickedly questioning face.

Eric swallowed, forcefully and croaked out, “You know I do.”

“Maybe,” she shrugged.

As his traitorous eyes re-glued themselves to her, the material crept a micrometer lower by his estimation, increasing his torment.

“But, then you’ve never seen the whole package.” With that statement she purposely wiggled out of her dress.

He knew on some far off level she had pushed the black dress off her lower body as well, but all he could see through the haze of his erupting hunger, was her gorgeous body from the waist up. The lower parts were hidden beneath the water’s secret cover. She was superbly beautiful, as he had suspected, her breasts rounded curves of perfection, her supple waist delicately curved and toned.

He had such an ache in his heart and such an increasingly painful erection, he felt more tortured than ever he had been back in that South American jungle.

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Sequel to Love's Captive by Myra Nour
Available to order from New Concepts Publishing


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